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I love creative opening movie credits and I think most people who are a bit geeky about them will agree that Saul Bass is the king of them.

Here are his opening credits for North by Northwest.

Anyone have others they particularly enjoy?

edit: forgot to mention Art of the Title an entire website dedicated to opening title sequences. Enjoy.

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niepce 855 days ago

Great call on Art of the Title.

I love them (opening credits) as well.

Here are a few:

Catch Me if You Can is great and a total rip off of North by Northwest

Dr. No - although the switch to 3 blind mice is kind of weird

Do the Right Thing - Watch Rosie dance to PE

The Pink Panther - The opening title sequence is probably more famous than the movies themselves.

But my favorite is Dr. Strangelove. Sex between airplanes never looked so good.

bogey 855 days ago

Wow, you guys went old school. There are so many great ones that I could spend way too much time posting them, but here are a few more modern ones.

On the hand written tip a la Dr. Strangelove is Almost Famous

Apparently that's Camron Crowe's hand doing the writing.


I looked it up and they (Fincher I guess) had the books in the movie / opening sequence actually written.

I've said it before but I'll say it again - the Alien Trailer is the best ever and the the opening credits copy it.

As for old school and sex you can't beat Barbarella (NSFW)