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I love creative opening movie credits and I think most people who are a bit geeky about them will agree that Saul Bass is the king of them.

Here are his opening credits for North by Northwest.

Anyone have others they particularly enjoy?

edit: forgot to mention Art of the Title an entire website dedicated to opening title sequences. Enjoy.

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niepce 6 years ago

Great call on Art of the Title.

I love them (opening credits) as well.

Here are a few:

Catch Me if You Can is great and a total rip off of North by Northwest

Dr. No - although the switch to 3 blind mice is kind of weird

Do the Right Thing - Watch Rosie dance to PE

The Pink Panther - The opening title sequence is probably more famous than the movies themselves.

But my favorite is Dr. Strangelove. Sex between airplanes never looked so good.

bogey 6 years ago

Wow, you guys went old school. There are so many great ones that I could spend way too much time posting them, but here are a few more modern ones.

On the hand written tip a la Dr. Strangelove is Almost Famous

Apparently that's Camron Crowe's hand doing the writing.


I looked it up and they (Fincher I guess) had the books in the movie / opening sequence actually written.

I've said it before but I'll say it again - the Alien Trailer is the best ever and the the opening credits copy it.

As for old school and sex you can't beat Barbarella (NSFW)