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If you're into "cinema" and watch "films" instead of "movies" Barry Lyndon is something you should see.

Pretentious? Yep.

Kubrick got 3 lenses from NASA (which were used to shoot the moon landing), modified them, and then used them to make this movie.

From wikipedia:

These super-fast lenses "with their huge aperture (the film actually features the lowest f-stop in film history) and fixed focal length" were problematic to mount, and were extensively modified into three versions by Cinema Products Corp. for Kubrick so to gain a wider angle of view, with input from optics expert Richard Vetter of Todd-AO.[9][13] The rear element of the lens had to be 2.5mm away from the film plane, requiring special modification to the rotating camera shutter.[14] This allowed Kubrick and Alcott to shoot scenes lit with actual candles to an average lighting volume of only three candela, "recreating the huddle and glow of a pre-electrical age."[9] In addition, Kubrick had the entire film push-developed by one stop.[13]

This flick will bore some people to death, for others it's one of the best ever made.

Cinephilia & Beyond does their normal, wonderful thing, with the original screenplay, shots from the production, interviews with those who made it, and much more.

bogey 5 years ago

I watch "movies"...but I also like a really good flick that's unlike any other I've seen.

Barry Lyndon is it.

But you're right, if you don't like slow movies (and I mean slooooow) this one isn't for you.