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His last dance (
submitted by drtom 300 days ago
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grotted 295 days ago

Sad news, can't believe I just fund about it here from all places in the internet. His movies are still good to watch now if you enjoy good movies. I would recommend The Last Emperor and The Conformist (as djfrodo mentioned) besides Last Tango in Paris.

djfrodo 295 days ago*

The Last Tango in Paris is a weird one. I sort of get what they were going for - it's kind of "A Star is Born", but in terms of sex.

It's an older man who is on a downward spiral with an young woman who's just coming into her sexuality.

The butter scene is still pretty weird. For film geeks it's great, but I get why it sort of fell into obscurity.

djfrodo 300 days ago

I know The Last Emperor won every Oscar it was nominated for, but I think The Conformist is by far and away the best thing he ever did, and very pertinent to where we, as Americans, find ourselves now.

It's also one of the most beautifully shot films...ever.