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submitted by bogey 19 days ago

So, I love Se7evn. I thinks it's one of the best movies of the past 30 years.

Zodiac is an amazing movie and like Memories of a Murder, it's a procedural that ends with the perpetrator never being caught.:

So, The Killer has:

Director: Fincher
Lead Actor: Fassbender
Supporting Actors: Swinton, Parnell, Howard (among many)

It's about a hitman.

I'm a huge fan of Le Samourai and when reviews compared The Killer to Le Samourai I was very excited.

What a huge let down.

This is a very well done movie (cinematography, acting, etc.) but it goes absolutely nowhere. It's so forgettable that I can't really wrap my head around why it was made, and...basically the point of the movie.

The protagonist has a mantra that he repeats throughout the flick that he rejects in the end, which I guess is some sort of character arc.

I'm sure Fincher fanboys will go crazy for it, and I was really hoping it would be a new twist on an old formula, but it isn't.

For those that want a great hitman flick checkout Le Samourai or Ghost Dog because The Killer certainly isn't one.


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