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I think the marketing for this movie was...bad. Even the trailer doesn't do it justice.

The thing is, no trailer could really represent the nuance of the film.

For those of you who haven't seen this and have no idea who Martin McDonagh is, here's a little refresher.

Martin McDough directed a lot of great stages plays, and his first picture (director/writer) was In Bruges.

Lots of people love it, and when I say love...I mean it. They LOVE it.

I don't. I thought it was kind of flat and the dream sequence was forgetful.

But it was done well, and luckily Martin McDonagh made a second movie - Seven Psychopaths.

You may know McDonagh from his academy award nominated Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, but I think the best thing he's done is Seven Psychopaths.

It's basically a story about friendship, and giving yourself up for someone else.

If you haven't seen it there are spoilers ahead: Christopher Walken absolutely kills it -

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