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If anyone still thought the Oscars weren't a joke, this should give you a hint.

The Oscars for best cinematography and film editing will be given during a commercial break.

It's often said films are made 3 times - in the script, in the production, and in the editing.

I can't believe they've done this, and I'll bet in the future they will reverse this decision, but for, what a stupid thing to do.

Without editors and cinematographers, where would movies, as an art form, even be?

The Academy is betraying the things that make movies great.

From the article:

Variety has confirmed that four Oscars will be presented during commercial breaks of the 91st Academy Awards.

The awards will be best cinematography, film editing, live action short and makeup and hairstyling. The winning speeches will edited to remove the winners’ walk from their seats to the stage and each speech will be aired separately later in the telecast.

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bogey 4 years ago *

Yeah to put it politely, fuck the academy.

Just take a look at How Star Wars was saved in the edit

We could also talk about Roger Deakins: and this:

His speech was about 20 seconds, and he's be nominated 14 times.