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There are a lot of movies that seemed stupid as hell when they came out, and they might have been, but upon seeing them in context (much later) they've become somewhat...charming.

I'll offer two.


Elvira - Mistress Of The Dark

What are some others?

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boyfromnyc 7 years ago

When did Meatballs become a bad movie?

My choice for the list is Ishtar.
I would watch it just to hear Beatty and Hoffman sing Little Darling.

Also on the list is Night Shift, at least the first forty five minutes.

OP djfrodo 6 years ago

Night Shift along with After Hours are two of the best weird movies of the 80s.


OP djfrodo 7 years ago

re: When did Meatballs become a bad movie?

You have to admit it isn't great. When I first saw it I just thought - whatever. I watched it recently and it it's better than I remembered.

I loved Night Shift.

I can't really get on board with Ishtar.

OP djfrodo 7 years ago

Another is Dogma

Another plus, it's got George Carlin.

Here's the Charlie Rose interview about it

new 7 years ago

After watching Mistress Of The Dark again it seems like it's the prototype for Pee-wee's Big adventure.