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From the article:

Walkaway is set in a world where climate change-fueled disasters, wealth disparities, and economic displacement have unwound into what would be hard to mistake for a utopia. National borders and political structures have been rendered largely moot by the scale of ecological disaster, and billions have been uprooted from their homes. The disparity between how the world's elites and the masses deal with such large-scale disaster is the source of the conflicts that propel the novel.

Looks interesting for scifi nerds.

Here's another snippet:

If you've spent any time involved in the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) wars, many of the themes and social dynamics within Walkaways will feel very familiar. Picture an emerging society imagined by Richard Stallman acolytes and GitHubbers, where everything (including the social structure) can be hacked, forked, merged, and reforked. You're pretty close to Doctorow's walkaway culture.

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