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From the article, and the emphasis is mine:

The end of Roe v. Wade in June 2022 has had a profound effect on maternal healthcare and abortion access across the country. Fourteen states have now completely banned abortion and two dozen more have bans at 22 weeks or less. As a result, an already grim maternal health care landscape has worsened.

New data reveals an unexpected consequence of these developments: Young women, even those in states where abortion remains legal, say they are foregoing having children because they are afraid to get pregnant because of changes that followed the Dobbs decision that ended Roe.

If conservatives are screaming about women not wanting to get married and have children, there's a reason, and they caused it.

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dubnobasswithmyhead 12 days ago

It seems counter intuitive that abortion bans result in lower birth rates but actually makes perfect sense. If you can't control unwanted pregnancies then why risk it at all?

China is facing the a similar issue following their one child policy. Lots of "little kings" (single children raised under the one child policy) also want to have their own little kings, so despite the policy ending, young couples don't want more than one child anyway, even with financial incentives and abortion restrictions, leading to a rapidly declining birth rate.

I just feel bad for the unfortunate teenages who can't control their destiny by choosing when to have children, and the poor woman who had the thirteen day miscarriage 😭