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This is basically the Trump admin withhold vital health info about the Corona virus from the public because they didn't like what the CDC recommended...Let that sink in.

The CDC says, "Um...yeah people shouldn't get indoors in close proximity" and the White House replies, "Yeah we don't like that, take it out of your recommendations, and remove it from the website".

But in the reply email to the CDC Trump's lawyer even basically said, "Yeah I wouldn't go to church".

From the article:

In another email chain, Trump officials expressed dissatisfaction with CDC recommendations – which had already been posted online – which suggested that faith communities should consider holding services online.

May Davis, a legal adviser to Trump, wrote to Paul and other officials that “problematic guidance is still online”. Davis attached suggested edits to the CDC guidance, which she said “removes all of the tele-church suggestions”.

Davis added: “Though personally I will say that if I was old and vulnerable (I do feel old and vulnerable), drive through services would sound welcome.”

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