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As some of you may know the European Union (EU) is a bit more strict than other countries in terms of online privacy.

In 2016 the EU enacted the General Data Protection Regulation, which everyone seemed to ignore...for a while.

We thought about burying our heads in the sand (for a bit longer) and ignoring the GDPR, or taking analytics tracking out of Headcycle entirely.

We came up with what we think is a nice compromise.

When a new user first accesses Headcycle they will get a nifty pop up with a message about cookies ("Headcycle uses small files placed on your device"...etc.) and options to accept or manage what cookies are stored on their device.

New users who see this cookie message will not be tracked until they either accept Headcycle's cookie policy, or click "Learn More" to set which cookies will be set.

Clicking "Accept" will confirm that the user has agreed to our privacy policy and accepts the use of cookies.

Clicking "Learn More" will allow users to opt out of tracking and analytics.

Since Headcycle isn't serving ads analytics is really just used for seeing traffic trends, but we do understand a lot of our users do not want to be tracked - so we added the ability to turn tracking off.

As always using an ad blocker will also disable analytics and tracking, unless you white label (which would be nice).

With all of that said, it's nice to see where traffic is coming from, and what posts are popular.

So, instead of asking users to "white label" Headcycle, we built it into the site.

If you ever want to switch your cookie preferences click on the "Privacy Policy" link in the footer, then click "Manage Cookies".

-- the headcycle crew

0110100001100011 2 years ago

This is really nice to see.

One word of warning - if you click "Accept" or allow analytics, and then disallow analytics, cookies from the analytics company who shall not be named (but it starts with a G) will remain set.

Tracking your clicks/etc. won't, but it's just something to keep in mind.

Just FYI.