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O.k. so we thought we would play around with chat gpt just to see what would happen...

It's fun, and also incredibly weird.

Check it out here

Things to keep in mind:
- It's pretty good with basic stuff, for example try "the history of the earth"
- Very small differences in search terms return different results, for example try "history of the world"
- It can be wildly incorrect, for example try "who is your_name_here?" (apparently I'm a professional American soccer player who currently plays for Sporting Kansas City in Major League Soccer...so I've got that going for me)
- You can ask it questions about itself and it can be fun, for example try asking it "what is your name?" or "how old are you?" (to really get weird do it twice)
- You can also ask it existential questions like "what's the meaning of life?"
- Madlibs are fun so try asking it to write something like "write a speech about about ________ in ________'s voice" (yes, you need to fill in the blanks)

Have fun,

  • the headcycle crew
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