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We're pretty excited about bringing this headcycle to life - a place where you can post your own photos and discuss anything and everything about the techniques that lead to great photography.

We know it's kind of a weird name for a headcycle - what does it mean?

If you know, start taking great shots and share them here, if you don't here's a short explanation from Adorama Camera (and no we are not affiliated with Adorama, but it's a great place, so is B&H):

When asked how he was capable of getting such amazing images on a consistent basis, Arthur "Weegee" Fellig replied "Simple. f/8 and be there." Since that time this simple statement has become the mantra of Documentary Photography, held as scripture, writ in stone.

"f/8 and be there" is a philosophy that's and dear to every documentary photographer's heart, be they Street Photographers, Photo Journalist, or Travel Photographers. Of course this leads to another question…What on Earth was Weegee talking about?

"f/8 and Be There" is a very simple statement that addresses two very important aspects of documentary photography. The first is technical, the second a bit more philosophical.

The technical aspect is actually very simple (that's its beauty, and we're going to skip explaining focal length, depth of field, etc.) - adjust your camera to a setting that you feel most comfortable with and keep it there (at least when you're starting out).

The philosophical aspect is pretty simple as well - taking photographs is an immersive experience and if you're not "there" to get the shot you miss taking the shot, the experience of "being there" itself, and showing your shot to someone else later.

So, what's different between /h/f8andbethere and /h/photography?

In f8andbethere you can upload photos, in photography you can't.

edit: Users can now upload images to any headcycle.

We'd like to keep gear lust conversations (and yes we love 'em), news about the industry, and links to famous photographers, portfolios, etc. in photography.

This is a place to show off your work and discuss how to achieve shots you want to take.


--the headcycle crew

p.s. If you want to link to photos you've already taken or use other sites specifically designed for image hosting that's great, just post a link to the url.

p.p.s. On a technical note, all exif data is removed from any photos posted to f8andbethere Headcycle.

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