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captolis_mondo 2 years ago

One project in Arizona would transfer federally-protected forest land to build a gigantic copper mine. Local Apache tribes considered the land chosen for the project as sacred, as they believe it is “a place of profound religious, spiritual, and cultural importance,” accordinng to the National Register of Historic Places.

Trumps is such an asshole!

OP kermit 2 years ago

Trumps is such an asshole!

I like the sentiment, but how about we say it in a way Trump would understand.

"I'll tell you folks, I'm the best, most beautiful asshole you've ever seen. I'm the bigliest, most successful, most popular asshole this nation has ever had - I've done more for assholes than anyone, probably since god created assholes. No one has been a bigger asshole than me - so let's make America great again!"

Does that work?