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This is suck an obvious move by the oil/gas/old energy powers that be it's kind of amazing it's working.

From the article:

Real barriers to citizen engagement and effective climate action exist. Misinformation campaigns, backed by what Common Dreams calls “well-funded actors, exploiting marketing techniques, and networks of power,” are actively seeding doubt and denial over climate science and solutions. The expert and authoritative International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), made up of leading scientists from all over the world, has warned that the spread of climate misinformation threatens effective climate policy. Addressing climate risks has been made more urgent by delays due to misinformation about climate science that has sowed uncertainty and impeded recognition of risk, they say. A representative from the UN says climate action is being “undermined by bad actors seeking to deflect, distract, and deny efforts to save the planet. Disinformation, spread via social media, is their weapon of choice.”

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