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I'm sure at some point a kid will get a teacher's gun, something awful will happen and Republicans will blame the teacher and "public" schools.

The U.S. has gone completely insane.

From the article:

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signs law to arm teachers with 24 hours of training
Anna Staver
Haley BeMiller
The Columbus Dispatch

Gov. Mike DeWine is flanked by Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, right, Rep. Thomas Hall, R-Madison Township, and others as he speaks at a press conference about school safety on June 13.
School districts across Ohio will be able to authorize teachers, principals and other staff to carry firearms into classrooms this fall after 24 hours of training.

The new law, signed Monday by Republican Gov. Mike DeWine, will lower the required training hours for armed school personnel from about 700 hours to four scenario-based training hours, plus a maximum of 20 hours for first-aid training, history of school shootings and reunification education.

The signing came the same day Ohio's new constitutional carry law took effect.

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