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A Night at The Garden (
submitted by niepce 4 years ago*

Nominated for 2019 Best Documentary - Short Subject. There's no narrator, and it's totally taken from archival footage.

And it's one the scariest films you'll see that's nominated for an Oscar in 2019.

Here's an interview with the director Marshall Curry

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djfrodo 4 years ago

Calling this a doc is kind of a stretch. It's well done in terms of editing and sound, but it's pretty thin.

It's great that it was made but this isn't the best short doc of the year.

Weirdly, my guess is it will win.

budwhite 4 years ago

It doesn't matter if it wins or not, the basic message here is that this type of thought has been around for a long, long time.

The fact that this was at MSG in 1939 is scary enough, but what's even scarier is we're dealing with it in 2019.