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Here's the start of the article:

Last year, BMW underwent media and customer hellfire over its decision to offer a monthly subscription for heated seats. While seat heating wasn't the only option available for subscription, it was the one that seemed to infuriate everyone the most, since it concerned hardware already present in the car from the factory. After months of customers continuously expressing their displeasure with the plan, BMW has finally decided to abandon recurring charges for hardware-based functions.

So it would seem BMW was getting the point that subscriptions for tech already in their cars is not good.

Here's the last paragraph:

Going forward, BMW says it will continue to offer subscription-based services but only for software options, like driver assistance and digital assistant services, which is completely understandable. Customers will either pay monthly or once all up front to gain access to such capabilities. Thankfully, though, BMW seems finished with any hardware-based subscriptions, for now.

Basically their subscription for heated seats backfired, but it's probably just a matter of time and it will be back again.

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dubnobasswithmyhead 18 days ago

Damnit I was just talking about this in another thread re apple's deplorable software practices and drew the example of heated seats on subscription. Can't see how to link it here but nevermind.

Great to see market pressure changing the practice (in this example anyway!)