Headcycle Android App
We're currently in the process of testing the official Headcycle Android app in the Google Play Store, but for those of you who would like to try it out we have a pre-release.
The process to do so is different for every device, but the basics are:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Security & Privacy
  2. Turn on "Allow App Installations from Unknown Sources"
  3. Click the link below
  4. Once the APK is downloaded click "Install"
The "Allow App Installations from Unknown Sources" setting may be applicable to your browser as well.
Unfortunately we cannot test every Android device.
The Headcycle Android app requires no special permissions to install.
If you want to upload a photo (jpg only) you will be prompted to agree to camera file access.
All EXIF data of photos uploaded via the app or headcycle.com is deleted (location, camera, etc.) except:
  1. File Name
  2. File Size
  3. File Type (which is always JPG)
  4. Mime Type (which is always image/jpeg)
  5. Image Size
After installation you'll probably want to delete the APK by doing the following:
  1. Go to the Files app on your device
  2. Select the headcycle.apk
  3. Select delete
Please Note: The pre-release headcycle.apk is unsigned.
You can find more info about unsigned Android apps here.
For the technically inclined - the pre-release Headcycle Android app is just a webview that points to headcycle.com.
The only functionalities we've added:
  1. An offline (no internet) message
  2. External links open in a mobile browser
  3. The ability to access the device's camera files
Download Headcycle's prerelease Android app
Have fun and post some great stuff!
- the headcycle team
p.s. If you have any issues or suggestions by all means post it in h/Headcycle_Android_App
p.p.s. A great place to post your images is h/f8andbethere (just be sure to read the rules)
Last updated: 2023.6.23